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Alpha Provides Fit-For-Purpose Commissioning Solutions - “Commissioning is a dynamic or energized testing of a functional system that validates system design, fabrication, installation and performance through a single or series of tests.”


Commissioning and Start-Up Services

At Alpha, we believe that commissioning is more than just the final act of a project - it’s a commitment to excellence, accountability, safety, performance and total responsibility of delivering a quality product to the project’s client-operators. The integrity of every engineered design, every decision and every phase of project development maintain the highest level of client standards. Our dedication, personal service and accountability are a key part of our professional culture. We’re not a body shop, we’re an extension of your best teams.

What makes Alpha Completion International's commissioning services different?

  • Cost effective services
  • Global ability
  • Relentless focus on safety
  • Personal services
  • A management team who completely understands risks that face each and every project
  • Innovative solutions

Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced commissioning teams can help you improve the safety, performance, efficiency and profitability of your next project.